Constellation II  by Deborah Bell c/o Andrea Schwartz Gallery (ASG)

Constellation II by Deborah Bell c/o Andrea Schwartz Gallery (ASG)

January 11, 2015, 3pm
San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Holst: St. Paul's Suite

Armer: "The Great Instrument of the Geggerets"

Grieg: Piano Concerto in a minor, op. 16
Victor Lin, piano


About this concert...

Holst: St. Paul’s Suite 

This early 20th century classic for string orchestra is dedicated to St. Paul’s School, where Gustav Holst taught. The music of this four-movement suite is imaginative and dynamic; its finale is a scintillating setting of The Dargason, an English folksong.

Grieg: Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.16

Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg composed his popular piano concerto in 1868 at the age of 25. Instantly recognizable, this concerto has become a classic of the piano literature. And it is the only concerto Grieg ever completed! Our soloist is 15-year-old Peninsula piano prodigy Victor Lin, who attends Hillsdale High School in San Mateo.

Armer: The Great Instrument of the Geggerets

This fantastical journey into the music of another world, with narration written by famed science fiction writer (and Armer’s good friend) Ursula K. LeGuin, will be narrated by the composer herself! Put on your space helmets and prepare for fun as the worlds of symphony and science fiction collide!

About our soloist...

Victor Lin (1).jpg

Victor Lin is 15 years old and is an sophomore in Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, California. Victor started his piano lessons at the age of six with Dr. Yueh Chou, and later with Ms. Robyn Carmichael. Victor has been studying piano with Dr. Igor Shochetman since February of 2008. He gave his first solo recital in San Francisco at the age of 10 and has since played 10 different solo programs in San Francisco and Seattle. 

In February of 2013, he performed 24 etudes (Opus 10 and 25) by Frederic Chopin and the B minor sonata by Liszt. Victor plays piano in Hillsdale High School orchestra and was selected to be the only pianist in the San Mateo Union High School District honors concert in 2014. He has been an accompanist at his church since 2008 and is a member of the Peninsula Youth Orchestra (PYO) where he plays chamber music. Victor is a recipient of the 2014-2015 Chopin Foundation of United States Scholarship.

Victor Lin's appearance is sponsored in part by a grant from the Ross McKee Foundation